With back to school happening in a matter of days, kids will be meeting back up in classrooms. They'll be packing various illnesses with them as well as their books. Something for parents to "keep an eye on" is a new strain of pinkeye that is reportedly resistant to medication.

WAFB reports this new strain of pinkeye is more aggressive than what Doctors have traditionally seen, and can last up to three weeks before it's fully treated.

Oh, and it's gets better...this new super strain is extremely contagious.

"Dr. Berg says Houston has seen many cases of a new 'superbug' strain, but with summertime travel, he says the strain could make its way up to East Texas.

'It’s able to evade the normal defense systems that our own bodies have, and medications; that’s what’s making this new strain the superbug somewhat unique to us,' Berg said."

Currently there are no cases of this super pinkeye reported in Louisiana as far as I know. Hopefully, it will stay this way.

The only things you can really do is make sure you keep your hands as clean as possible, avoid touching your eyes, disinfect doorknobs, keyboards and computer mouses. If you wear makeup and contract pinkeye, you'll have to ditch your makeup and buy new stuff.

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