R.I.P. Don Rickles
Don Rickles’ talents were seemingly limitless: An outrageous insult comic, a gifted dramatic actor, a welcome sight on stages and screens (big and small), and a constant presence whose career endured for decades, often surpassing his contemporaries. And now he’s gone on to join them, a…
'Goat Man'
A Canadian News anchor couldn't keep it together while reporting a story about a "goat man."
'No Panty Day'
Today (June 22) is "No Panty Day." I first became aware about a year ago, when a meme appeared on my Facebook page.
Spoof Styx Video
I wasn't able to attend the recent Styx, Def Leppard & Tesla concert at the Cajundome. The music videos of the early '80s often seemed a little silly to me. Jimmy Fallon, and Paul Rudd had a little fun with this one...

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