UPDATE: Taco Bell tweeted us in response to this story and everything you will read below has been confirmed!


If you believe the internet, the Taco Bell Mexican Pizza is finally nearing a return. But the really good news is that it's allegedly going to be for the long haul this time.

Taco Bell CEO Mark King told Fortune that the Mexican Pizza is coming back permanently in September.

“It’s going to be relaunched mid-September and it’s going to be a permanent item,” King said. “I had more feedback—hate mail!—over the removal of Mexican pizza [than any other time].”

However, Taco Bell representatives did not confirm the timing to Fortune.

You may recall that in late 2020 the iconic menu item was taken off the menu. Then a groundswell of support erupted eventually turning into a grassroots petition campaign led by the likes of Dolly Parton and Doja Cat.

So, in April of this year, Taco Bell announced that the Mexican Pizza would be returning in May.

Of course, we all know that return was short-lived as the item began selling out across the country. Shortly after that, Mexican Pizzas were once again pulled from the menu, but with a promise to return later this year.

Let's hope this comes to fruition as this report suggests.

There is even more hope for Taco Bell fans of menu items that have led to similar fates to the Mexican Pizza. Look what else King had to say: "So now for us it's, 'What other magical items have we removed that we can relaunch in a big way to capture people's interest or imagination?'"

Bruh, this has Choco Taco written all over it.

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