It's been a nostalgic week for Taco Bell fans, but the Mexican Pizza isn't the only thing making its return.

Taco Bell drive-thru lines are more packed than usual and by now you've probably seen your fair share of the purple Mexican Pizza boxes that have been flooding our social media timelines.

Eat The Boot, Facebook
Eat The Boot, Facebook

Even Dolly Parton is in on the action.

Most people have ordered multiple Mexican Pizzas at a time.

Some people have even tried out new customizations.

But what if I told you that another throwback banger from Taco Bell menu has quietly returned?

I was scrolling past Mexican Pizzas on my timeline, but one of them stood out. My Facebook friend Cody DeHart had a familiar friend next to his new Mexican Pizza.

Based on his caption, I realized my eyes weren't deceiving me. This man had a Taco Bell Chili Cheese Burrito.

If you aren't familiar with these glorious creations, then maybe you weren't a broke student (or just a broke person, lol) in the late '90s into the '2000s. Well, I'm sure this thing has been around longer than that, but I'm speaking from the center of my universe here so bear with me.

Taco Bell
Taco Bell

The Taco Bell Chili Cheese Burrito (or the "Chilito" as I remember calling it) was literally what it sounded like. Spicy beef (chili) and melty cheese—all wrapped up in a warm burrito. Few food items feel like "home" and this is one of them.

It was a perfect size (I would always get two), and it was also the perfect price. I remembered it being 99 cents and a recent receipt that popped up on Reddit confirmed that memory.

I could be wrong, but I can't recall if the Chili Cheese Burrito has even been around long enough for Gen Z to know what it is. I can't recall if it's the recent explosion of nostalgia or the tens of thousands who literally signed a petition to bring back the Mexican Pizza, but Taco Bell seems to be listening to their customers.

I decided to look into the "chilito" and before I could even start the search, the following story from WAFB blessed my timeline (thank God Zuckerberg listens to our conversations, right?).

I checked out the website and it seems like Taco Bell has snuck this thing back on its menus, but at limited locations. It seems like as of now, only a few locations in Louisiana are carrying the Chili Cheese Burrito at the moment, and if you're willing to make the drive to Carencro you can get one.

UPDATE: I drove to Carencro on Saturday (5/21), and they were "out" of the Chili Cheese Burrito as well as the Mexican Pizza for the time being. Bummer.


Also, don't expect to pay $.99 because the price is now $2.59 (inflation, amirite?).

WAFB has a master list of Taco Bell locations that are carrying the Chili Cheese Burrito if you check out the full story here, but if you've had one I'd love to hear your feedback.s

If feedback is good, this could soon be available at every Taco Bell nationwide.

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