And by surprise, we mean "beer".

JayCee likes beer.  Don't get us wrong, he is no Steve Wiley when it comes to experience, but, during his travels, JayCee has been able to experience a wide variety of types and styles of beer(s).  Steve is most familiar with Budweiser (the American version), but he has been known to venture into the realm of specialty brews from time-to-time.

The brew that was left for JayCee as a surprise is not just any beer, but beer from the oldest brewery in the United States: Yuengling!  Over 180 years strong, the same family has owned and operated the brewery in Pottsville, Pennsylvania since it was created.

JayCee was introduced to Yuengling many years ago (when he was in the Army and spent time in the Northeast), but his appreciation for a fine brew had not yet developed.  A few years ago, when his girlfriend took a job in Pennsylvania, he was re-introduced to Yuengling, and that's when he learned the history of the company.

Yuengling, until recently, could only be found in the Northeast.  It slowly made its way down the east coast (they even built a brewery in Tampa), and has slowly started to creep west.  For a few years, Alabama was the closest place to purchase Yuengling; earlier this year it made its way into Mississippi and, now, to the great state of Louisiana.

Will Yuengling surpass the likes of Bud Light, Miller Light or Coors Light in Louisiana?  Not likely, but JayCee (and others who know the deliciousness of Yuengling) sure are glad that the Yuengling family of beers finally made its way to Acadiana!


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