Science has confirmed what we've all known for a very long time, this weekend thing is all wrong.  We should work less and rest more, not the other way around.

There's a new study that comes to us from the University of Melbourne in Australia where researchers studied brain function to figure out what our work week should look like based on scientific data.  They found that the human brain can only function at "peak" performance for about 25 hours a week.  After that, the quality of our work tapers off, way off.

The study included no one under 40.  Let's assume that someone younger had a little more stamina than someone over 40, it still wouldn't be that much more.  So the claim remains the same, the human brain is good for about 25 hours of work a week and that's it.

Researchers also found that after our brains are overloaded, many times, we will just shut down.  So see there, you thought you were just getting old.  Or maybe even thought you needed to see a doctor.  When all you may really need is rest.


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