I was at dinner the other night with friends, and one (business owner) mentioned that many people had come by to apply, but he had no openings. Another (business owner) mentioned that he had openings, but no applicants.

That made me wonder how many people are missing out on opportunities because of a right place/wrong time situation. If a few of those applicants had gone to the other business owner's facility, they may have found employment.

Today I noticed a post on a friend's Facebook page that Cajun Harley-Davidson is looking for full-time help and thought "maybe the person who would be perfect for this position isn't seeing this post!". So I thought that I would post this story in efforts of people commenting with job openings, and others can see if they'd be a fit!

Here's the post about the job opening at Cajun:

Facebook/Cajun Harley Davidson
Facebook/Cajun Harley Davidson


Are you hiring? Are you looking? Comment with what you are looking for, whether you are an employer or a job-seeker, and let's see if we can match some people up!

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