(ABC News) Tuscaloosa, Alabama students and kids are attending "Catch COVID" parties. In a Tuscaloosa council meeting, ABC News is reporting, City Councilor Sonya McKinstry claimed students and kids in Tuscaloosa are going to "Catch COVID" parties in and around the Tuscaloosa area to see who can catch COVID-19 first.

The way the "Catch COVID" parties work is the person throwing the party contacts people known to have the virus and invites them to the party. The host will try to find as many carriers as possible. Then, the word is sent out as to where the party will take place and when.

All non-infected guests put money into a bowl. The money is counted at the end of the night. The first guest to test positive for COVID-19 gets the money.

Tuscaloosa Fire Chief Randy Smith confirmed during the city council meeting, he had proof that the "Catch COVID" parties were indeed taking place in and around Tuscaloosa.

The Tuscaloosa City Council adjourned without coming up with a way to stop the parties but did pass an ordinance requiring all citizens to wear masks while in public.

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