According to a report from WPLG in Miami, a man survived a flight from Guatemala to Miami while stowing away in the landing gear of an American Airlines plane. The man's only hope for staying in the United States is by being granted asylum.

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An American Airlines flight departed from Guatemala on the morning of Saturday, November 27, 2021, and was headed to Miami International Airport. When the flight was met by security personnel upon landing, it probably came as a shock to those on board that a man had been along for the ride all along.

But, this man was not seated on the plane. He was hiding out in the landing gear compartment of the plane.

Unsplash via @imranpro
Unsplash via @imranpro

Now, how far of a trek is it to fly from Guatemala to Miami? According to Google Maps, a cool two-and-a-half-hours will get you there.

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So yes, apparently this man was able to hide away in the landing gear compartment of an American Airlines flight to get into the United States. It just goes to show you the incredible lengths folks are willing to go to for a chance at the American dream.

See the full report from WPLG Local 10 on YouTube below.

More on the story from @Complex here.

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