A video has gone viral of a Southwest airline pilot making a peculiar announcement on a recent flight to Cabo. In the announcement, the pilot threatens to turn the entire flight around after passengers apparently continued to AirDrop nude photos to him.

(Photo by Scott Olson/Getty Images)
(Photo by Scott Olson/Getty Images)

Everything I've heard over the past year regarding air travel is absolutely hellish. TSA is understaffed, pilots are overworked, and flights are being canceled left and right. That doesn't even encapsulate some of the craziness that goes on amongst passengers on flights.

But a recent viral video shows the moments where one pilot seemingly faces an issue that I've never seen before.

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The video comes from the perspective of a passenger who is listening to an announcement be made over the plane's intercom. The person speaking is the pilot and he has seemingly had enough with what is happening on this flight.

What exactly is happening? You'll have to check out the clip for yourself to believe it.

Southwest Airlines Pilot Threatens to Turn Plane Around after Passengers AirDrop Nudes

See the video shared to @DailyLoud on Twitter below.

As you can hear, the pilot is prepared to turn the plane around, bring it back to the terminal, and get security involved if passengers didn't stop AirDropping nude photos.

If you're not familiar with AirDrop, it is an Apple feature on phones and computers that allow users to send files to other devices via Bluetooth. So as long as someone's Bluetooth is turned on nearby, AirDropping photos is a really easy thing to do.

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Whoever on this flight to Cabo was AirDropping nude photos to other passengers on the plane is an absolute menace to society. If I were on this flight and it got delayed or canceled because of antics like this, I would be absolutely livid.

Many on social media had thoughts on the incident as well. See some reactions coming from Twitter below.

Let us know some of your craziest flying experiences in the comments.

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