He thought that this was sufficient.

A man in Florida was removed from an American Airlines flight after he used a pair of women's underwear as a protective mask.

He said that being that his nose and mouth were covered, he was in compliance with TSA rules, but those with the airline did not think the covering was sufficient.

As a matter of fact, several other passengers on the flight volunteered to leave the flight in support of the man with women's underwear on his face.

Fox 4 Now
Fox 4 Now

Fox 4 Now reports that this is not the first time this man tried this. He was reportedly kicked off of a Delta flight after he tried this same tactic, using women's underwear as a mask.

Does he have a case here? Well, we aren't going to play judge or jury here, but his nose and mouth are covered, but perhaps not as TSA would like them to be.

Florida man strikes again and this time it's with an article of clothing that we hope he purchased just prior to the flight.


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