This is a bit much.

Many are still wearing face masks as COVID cases are on the rise in some parts of the country, but no one may be wearing one like this.

The governor of Oregon, Kate Brown, was spotted wearing a protective face mask and now the internet is reacting to the decor on the mask.

As you will see below, the governor decorated her mask with a Christmas theme and now some are asking why she went this far.

Her mask appears to have a clear Christmas ornament attached to it, along with other types of decor.

I ask, could you even wear this or would this be too much of a distraction? Feel free to comment on the social media platform to let us know what you think of this.

Now, I only hope that this inspires someone to put some Christmas lights on their mask this holiday season. Imagine walking into work or church with a mask that is blinking!

As you may expect, since the photo of the governor has surfaced, many have come out to either compliment her mask or be critical of it. The snow globe on her mask is what has many talking.

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