According to videos posted on social media, a family of four was kicked off of their flight after their 2-year-old allegedly violated the mask policy.

Spirit Airlines is saying that was not the case. According to a report from the New York Post, the airline says "on two separate occasions" prior to what we saw on video during their departure from the plane, the parents were not wearing their masks correctly. Spirit says this was ultimately the reason why they were asked to exit the flight.

A video that has gone viral on Twitter shows the two-year-old little girl sitting on her mother's lap. The woman holding the child is allegedly seven months pregnant and could be heard going back and forth with a flight attendant who is telling the mother they have to deplane.

I told you. Non-compliance, will have to get off. I didn't want to do this.

The father repeatedly asks the attendant why they are being asked to leave the plane. The attendant is heard replying "non-compliance with the masks."

Both parents are wearing masks during the video, and at least two passengers seated next to them tell the attendant they had been compliant with masks up to that point. At one point, the mother asks why they're being asked to deplane. You hear her question the attendant by saying "The baby?" at which point the attendant nods telling her yes.

The current face mask policy at Spirit Airlines is that children under the age of two do not have to wear a mask.

The mother does tell the attendant that her baby recently turned 2 a month ago, but ultimately the family was told they had to leave. The mother and father were also traveling with an older child who allegedly had special needs.

Exit out of the aircraft, or I'll have to deplane the aircraft and call the police.

When the family voiced their decision to not leave the plane, the attendant let them know she would be contacting authorities as she walked down the aisle. At that point, the entire plane was reportedly told to exit the aircraft.

According to the New York Post report, Spirit says the family was ultimately let back on the plane to continue flying to their original destination after promising they would comply with their mask policy.

The viral videos continue to pull views on social media as many are critical of Spirit Airlines over the way the incident was handled.

You can see the full story here via The New York Post and I encourage you to drop a comment on how you think the situation should have been handled and did Spirit overreact considering the entire plane full of passengers had to suffer for what seemed to be the complaint of only one person?

Sound off in the comments and let us know how you feel.

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