Apparently, a woman managed to bring an entire seafood feast onto a Spirit Airlines flight and the internet has questions.

As you can see, the photograph features a woman seated on a plane as she sips from her cup. She is clearly washing down what looks like an exquisite gourmet spread of the ocean's finest offerings including—but not limited to—shrimp, crab legs, and an entire tray of lobsters so big that they take up their own seat on the flight.

Speaking of flight, internet sleuths were quick to point out that this was a Spirit Airlines flight based on a little zoom action on the napkin in the photo.

While there are plenty of rules and regulations when it comes to flying, there is also a healthy set of unspoken rules and somewhere at the top of that list is food etiquette.

When it comes to food on a plane, strong odors are the first no-no. Foods that are souplike, produce any type of liquid, or require napkins are immediately disqualified. Last but not least, any food that requires a very involved consumption process, is cumbersome, or requires you to invade the personal space of others, is a definite never.

Somehow, this woman woke up, chose violence, and managed to break every single one of those rules by bringing an entire seafood boil onto her flight.

I don't like to make assumptions, but I'm guessing the man seated on the other side of the massive tray of lobsters might be traveling with this woman. At least I hope he is because I can't imagine the personal hell of sharing an aisle with this woman's seafood spread let alone sharing cabin space with crustaceans.

If there is any saving grace it is that the man has a mask and an entire pack of baby wipes.

I was so exhausted by the time I noticed the Cheez-Its that I truly have no energy to comment.

I really tried my best to track down the original source for this photo, but other than a few of the original tweets and Facebook posts that have gone viral, I can't figure out who is behind this magnificent airborne seafood mystery.

But as the old saying goes, never meet your heroes.

What we can discuss is how blessed we are to have the internet, and Twitter's reaction to this was no letdown and EVERYBODY had jokes.

Will we ever find the infamous seafood queen? I'm guessing by the rate of this photo going viral, she's lining up for her 15 minutes as we speak.

I just hope she doesn't bring seafood.

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