It was a horrific incident, but one witness believes the entire situation could have been avoided.

Last Sunday, a flight from Sacramento to San Diego ended with a wild confrontation between a flight attendant and an unruly passenger. The conflict was reportedly sparked by an argument over masks and ended with a flight attendant having two teeth knocked out, suffering bloody injuries to her face.

The 28-year-old woman, identified as Vyvianna Quinonez, was arrested and charged with felony battery after she was accused of causing serious bodily injury to the Southwest flight attendant. You can see the full story of the alleged incident that unfolded here.

Visuals of the incident quickly went viral on social media, including a clip of Quinonez being escorted off of the flight by police.

A video captured by Michelle Manner shows the actual moment when the flight attendant was absolutely rocked by a punch from Quinonez.

Manner says her video only caught the end of the confrontation when the verbal argument turned physical and believes that the flight attendant was also to blame.

Both of them, in my opinion, were wrong and it could have totally been avoided

Michelle says approximately five minutes before her video opens up, the flight attendant was arguing with the woman about a mask being below the nose.

The flight attendant then left to get the captain and returned later when the argument "escalated."

The frustration from the first altercation was still brewing - in all of them - including the flight attendant, no doubt, and so it just escalated very, very fast

According to Manner, the attendant was "leaning" over the woman seated closest to the aisle to "get closer" to the passenger near the window.

She said the woman verbally warned the attendant by saying "Get off of me. Don't lean on me," but seconds later Quinonez was seen punching the woman in the face.

The passenger was incorrect by hitting her, but she was also in my opinion, provoked

Lyn Montgomery represents Southwest flight attendants as president of their union and called the situation "deplorable."

It's absolutely deplorable and you should never come from work with your teeth missing

Incidents have been on the rise over the last few months as more and more passengers are arguing with attendants over mask-wearing and other general compliance issues.

Just since April alone, we've seen 477 incidents nationwide. We've seen, since the beginning of the year, 2,500 incidents

Quinonez is currently free on bail and facing felony charges. See the full story here.

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