This past weekend's storms left some damage in the Acadiana area, including damage to a 500-year-old oak tree in Broussard.

In a post on Reddit, user Mandalore84 lamented about the "crown jewel" of their property being destroyed:

This tree was the jewel in the crown of the acre property attached. We enjoyed it all through last Spring... and praised its shade during the heat of the Summer.  - u/mandalore84,  Reddit

It is estimated that the tree germinated during the Renaissance (1300-1600). The expected life span of a Live Oak in our area is between 200 and 300 years, but some trees are on record as being older than 500 years.

Mandalore84 also posted favorite pictures of the tree to Imgur

The storm (which was the result of a cold front moving through the area) also ripped up buildings and other property in Acadiana, including a church on Dulles, and claimed 3 lives in North Louisiana.


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