Eggs age more in one day at room temperature than they do in a week inside your refrigerator. When it comes to the freshness of an egg, the temperature is a really big deal. This is why the last place you want to store eggs is in the door of your fridge.

Think about how many times your refrigerator opens and closes in one day, in one week, especially if you have kids. The door area of refrigerators warm when opened. Also, the door(s) of most refrigerators is the warmest area inside a closed refrigerator as well.

If your family loves eggs in the morning, with egg prices where they are, you don't want to have to toss out spoiled eggs.

With proper storage, an egg can last up to 5 weeks in the refrigerator. You should store them in their original container, all the way in the back of the fridge, as close to the back wall as possible. This will also keep them from absorbing odors from other foods.


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