Are some parents going too far on social media?

Look, we all know that people will do bizarre things these days just to get attention on social media, but some are saying that parents have crossed the line with the "Egg Crack Challenge."

A number of videos on TikTok show parents cracking eggs on their kid's heads and according to some on social media, that is going too far.

While parents are preparing a meal or dessert they have their young kids sit next to them and when it comes time to crack the raw eggs, they smash them on their kid's heads.

The kids never see it coming and as you will see here, most are taken back by their parents cracking an egg on their heads.

I will say, one more in return does allow her child to crack an egg on her head, so all is fair, right?


Well, some on social media are saying that when parents do such a thing, they are losing trust in their kids and that the kids could be traumatized in the future.

Some have even questioned if this is a form of child abuse.

Watch these clips of parents surprising their kids by cracking eggs on their heads and feel free to join in on the discussion.

Are these parents going too far with this?


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