This won't end well for someone.

I feel like every week there is a new "challenge" on social media and this week we introduce some of you to the "Twisty Leg Challenge"

Most of the videos on TikTok have a sped-up version of "Beat It" by Michael Jackson playing in the background and this challenge requires two people.

As you'll see here, one person holds another person's leg up while they jump and twist the opposite leg over the one being held up. And yes, while some make it look easy, this is a disaster waiting to happen.

Here's how it works.


As you may expect, a number of folks trying this have failed and the fall looks rather painful. This is why you probably should NOT try this one.

Again, we warn you to not try this if you have any doubt, but if you insist, please do so on a surface that isn't very hard.


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