This is getting to be a bit much.

A new trend or "challenge" may be coming to TikTok in October and it could put those who work in schools in danger.

According to several Tweets that I read, the latest "challenge" to come to the social media platform in October will involve students slapping teachers or staff members at school, then running away.

Yes, some are already encouraging students to document themselves slapping teachers at their school during the month of October.


We have already seen recent challenges encourage students to vandalize schools and many have accepted the challenge. For example, the "Devious Lick" challenge became really popular on some campuses and if you aren't aware of it, click HERE. 

Locally, administrators have had to warn students of the consequences of stealing from the school, but now as we move closer into the fall months, a new issue may be on the horizon.

I'd encourage parents to have a serious talk with their kid(s) about this because slapping anyone can and will carry some pretty serious legal consequences.

If ever I have proven to be wrong, I hope that this story doesn't "grow legs" and become a reality. However, the buzz on the latest challenge is out there and I thought that you all should be aware. Teachers and staff members should also be aware of this potential threat in the weeks ahead. Sadly, some will risk it all for the views on any social media platform.  

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