USPS Pauses Mailbox Removals After Customer Concern
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Stop putting checks in the mail.

That is what experts are warning you and me about as the number of mailbox thefts and armed robberies of mail carriers is on the rise.

Like some of you, I too have noticed in recent years that my mail is being compromised and now we may know why.

CBS News reports that hundreds of checks have been stolen by thieves who target the large blue mailboxes you see in front of post offices.


Thieves are using universal keys and "Arrow keys" to enter the locked boxes and they are reportedlly going through the mail, looking for checks.

The USPS recommends that if you do have to mail a check, go into a post office and hand it to someone working the desk or put the check into a mailbox that is located in the building.

They also say to never leave checks in your mailbox at home for carriers to pick up. Sadly, thieves are now going through mailboxes in front of homes looking for checks to steal.

You may recall a story we did a few years back here where we showed the blue mailboxes outside of post offices wrapped with plastic. That was to stop people from depositing mail into them because of thefts.

US Postal Service Proposes Raising Cost Of Stamps
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CBS News reports, "The U.S. Postal Inspection Service reported roughly 300,000 complaints about mail theft in 2021, more than double the prior year's total." So yes, this is a serious issue and problem across the country.

If you do mail a check and it is stolen, you should report it to your bank and notify the post office that services your address.

One more thing to note here, the USPS recommends that you check your mailbox daily and remove your mail each day.

If you are away from your home for a lengthy period of time have a friend or neighbor check your mail, and NEVER put cash in the mail.


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