Mother Nature provided Carencro and Lafayette with a number of weather-related problems in 2012. Apparently, it's the squirrels' turn in 2013.

KATC reports that almost 3, 000 Entergy customers in Carencro and Lafayette lost power this morning when a squirrel blew a fuse after becoming entangled in equipment at a power plant. Entergy spokesperson Liz Duhon said repair crews were working to restore power and expect it to be back on by this afternoon. As of the time of this post, KATC is reporting that a power outage at Carencro Middle resulted in the school's shutdown until tomorrow. Whether this outage is related to the squirrel's tomfoolery is unclear at this time.

Is this a one-time incident or the beginning of a squirrel conspiracy? Let us know what you think.

Image courtesy of KATC
Image courtesy of KATC


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