As power company linemen across Acadiana, Louisiana and the U.S. race to restore power to homes battling freezing temperatures, one video has surfaced on social media everyone should see.

This video tweeted by Kimberly, RN from Sulfur shows just how dedicated, serious, and in many cases selfless, power company utility linemen are when we're counting on them the most.

According to a comment on Twitter, the utility linemen in this video is attempting to close the switch in an effort to turn power back on.

Looks dangerous doesn't it? He's willing to take the risk.

There are families with young ones and babies, the elderly, people who are sick with special medical equipment needed to get well or in some cases, survive.

That's why he's willing to take the risk.

To all of the utility linemen working around the clock to help restore power and keep the lights on during this winter storm, we want to say "Thank You".

The greatest linemen in America aren't in the NFL, and that's a statement I'm sure any player would be the first to agree with.

(Thanks to Kimberly, RN for headline idea steal)



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