The winter storm of 2021 will no doubt go into the record books as one of the most trying few days we've ever faced in one winter. Luckily, most of us aren't having to face it without electricity.

As of this writing (Tue, 2/16 at 5:00 am), they are only about 2,000 residents in all of Acadiana that are without power.

The breakdown is as follows:

Acadia: 4
Evangeline: 0
Iberia: 306
Lafayette: 31
St. Landry: 10
St. Martin: 51
St. Mary: 1,448
Vermilion: 131

And as you can see in the numbers above, St. Mary Parish is the bulk of those roughly 2,000 residents without power in Acadiana.

Overall, in the entire state, there are 38,382 energy customers without power. For reference, there are 2,129,322 power customers in the state of Louisiana.

The hardest hit is St. Helena Parish with 3,143 residents without power.

We know, however, that we still have a ways to go before the sub-freezing temperatures subside. After a brief "warm up" mid-week, Thursday and Friday nights have lows dipping back into the 20s in Acadiana.

Governor John Bel Edwards urged Louisianians yesterday to do their part in conserving energy so we can avoid rolling blackouts.

Checklist for a Freeze in South Louisiana

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