Imagine Coming Home To A Dead Animal In Your Driveway
When I arrived home from work today, there was something rather uncommon waiting for me in my driveway.
These things are plentiful, but I would say that it is probably rare that you come across one that is dead with no signs of trauma. At what age to you think these things die of "old age&am…
Squirrels on the pph
CJ is always giving me a hard time about not being able to concentrate on what he is saying/doing, so the theme of today's Polyester Power Hour was "Squirrel"!
They Know They're Cute
These animals know what's up. They know your secret. They know you're in on the joke. They know how to close their eyes one at a time. They know how to be adorable. They know how to wink.
Squirrel To Carencro and Lafayette: No Power For You!
Mother Nature provided Carencro and Lafayette with a number of weather-related problems in 2012. Apparently, it's the squirrels' turn in 2013.
KATC reports that almost 3, 000 Entergy customers in Carencro and Lafayette lost power this morning when a squirrel blew a fuse after becoming entan…