If you're having a Halloween party this year, or if you just enjoy unique, left-of-center decor, these amazing liquor bottles have the perfect spirit you're looking for!

The other day I stopped into Total Wine & More in Lafayette with a friend of mine, and as we perused the isles, I saw something that stopped me in my tracks.

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Crystal Head Vodka

Crystal Head Vodka was founded in 2008 by Dan Aykroyd and artist John Alexander. As you can see, the bottle is awesomely in the shape of a skull, looking like the mystic Mayan Crystal Skulls.

I don't drink vodka, so I don't know if it's actually any good. However, I feel like if you have an incredible bottle like this, what's inside the bottle has to be great stuff right?

How perfect would a bottle of Crystal Head Vodka look at your Halloween party this year?

Crystal Head Vodka doesn't just have the clear glass skulls available, they have other designs and regularly release special edition skulls as well.

No need to stop there, because there are actually quite a few other brands of liquors that come in amazing bottles that are sure to be the hit at your Halloween Hootenany.


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Blanco Skelly Tequila

If vodka isn't your thing, check out Blanco Skelly Tequila.

According to totalwine.com Blanco Skelly Tequila has a "dry yet bright taste, slight alkali tang, and touches of leather. The finish is delicious and very smooth".

As with Crystal Head Vodka, Blanco Skelly Tequila has different special edition bottles with the skeleton wearing a sombrero, different styles of bandanas, paint jobs, and more.


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Sangre De Vida Corazon Tequila Blanco

At first, I thought this one was wine, but it's another fancy tequila called Sangre De Vida Corazon Tequila Blanco. This tequila comes in an incredible red glass bottle shaped like a heart.

How cool would this look sitting on the table of libations at your Halloween party?

You can order yours at bestbevliquor.com.




Pumpkin Face 23 Rum

Why is it called Pumpkin Face 23? Because it's a big ole pumpkin face bottle and, the rum is aged 23 years.

From drizly.com -

"Made in 1980, aged 23 years in oak barrels, and rested for over another decade in the Dominican Republic, this rum shows extraordinary elegance with complexity."



Gran Agave Ghost Edition Reposado Tequila

Want a real scare this Halloween? Check out the price on Gran Agave Ghost Edition Reposado Tequila. At caskcartel.com, this will set you $199.99!

Apparently, this tequila is just about as top-notch as you can get. Caskcartel.com says this tequila is "distilled slowly to highlight its notes of cooked agave, wood and spices".

Great tequila is cool and all but, check out the bottle!




KAH Reposado Tequila "Day of the Dead"

Another really cool skull bottle of liquor, KAH Reposado has many different designs of this bottle. Billed as one of the strongest tequilas on the market, this particular bottle available at caskcartle.com sells for $249.00.

The good news is that you can find empty KAH Reposado Tequila skull bottles on sites like ebay for much cheaper.



 The Walking Dead Kentucky Straight Bourbon Whiskey

It's Halloween. You can't it out alive without any undead bourbon, and we've found the perfect elixir. Besides, it serves more than purpose. It's medicine for wounds, antiseptic, and just great bourbon whiskey to sip on after a stressful day of zombie bashing.

The price is nice at $39.95, and you scoop yours up before they're gone at maxliquor.com.


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