You may want to slow down.

Our media partners over at KATC TV-3 are reporting that speed cameras will soon be installed in school zones to help catch those who travel too fast through the marked zones.

The City of Carencro has announced that they will be installing the speed cameras in an effort to better protect those around schools.

The cameras will only operate during designated school zone times and the fines will reportedly be significantly less than if stopped by an actual police officer.

The city will not be making money off of the fines, even though this will be a civil offense if ticketed, but they do hope this encourages people to slow down while kids are arriving or leaving campuses.

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Cheif David Anderson tells KATC, "Our number one complaint in Carencro is speeding in neighborhoods and school zones," Anderson says. "But we just don't have the manpower to have someone sitting in every school zone every morning and every afternoon. This helps us out."

The chief would go on to explain that once the cameras are up and running, there will be a grace period of 30-days.

That means the department will issue warnings for 30-days, then citations will be issued to those who speed through the school zones thereafter.

Cheif Anderson hopes that the cameras deter those from speeding through school zones as their mission is to keep all safe around schools


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