Barbecue pits are firing up all over the nation this weekend. Folks will be grilling, and smoking a wide variety of old favorites, and undoubtedly trying a few new things. Burgers are always popular. Here's a twist on a long time favorite. The three cheese stuffed salami burger. Want to try it? take about 1/2 lb. of lean ground beef, and make it into 2 balls. flatten them out, and put a slice of salami & 1 of Swiss cheese on top of the first one. Top that with the other piece of beef. Crimp the edges. Season it with some Cajun seasoning, and put it on the grill. When it's nearly done, top it with Colby Jack (or whatever you prefer). Toast 2 slices of whole wheat. Add some spicy mustard & lettuce, then the burger. Top with a slice of tomato, and enjoy! By the way, you may want to cut it in half, or let it sit a few minutes. The inside will be really hot!

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