You hear it so much, especially from young people, "I can't wait to get out of Lafayette".  There's nothing to do here.  All we have is food and bars.  If that's the case, why is it when people leave, 90 - 95 percent return?

I was talking to my friend Ryan about this just yesterday.  So many times you hear people bashing Lafayette, wanting to move.  And don't get me wrong, people do and some do stay away forever but most return.  You know why, Lafayette will always be home.

The people of Acadiana are unique, loving, fun people. A breed you don't, can't and won't find anyplace else in the world.  Plus, a good home cooked meal can't be beat.

If you take a few seconds to watch my short video, I'll tell you about an experience I had on New Year's Eve.  I've never been so miserable in a fabulous place in all my life.  The video explains.

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