Millions of Americans don't sleep well at night and and Daily Mail surveyed individuals to find out why.

There's nothing better than a good nights sleep.  Waking up after a full night of rest is the perfect way to start the day.  Appropriate rest keeps you ready for whatever you might encounter during the day.

A bad nights rest can mess you up for a short time, many nights without sleep can actually be bad for your health.

So why don't Americans sleep well?  Survey says...

You don't sleep well if you have a partner that snores.  That was the number one reason!  Also if your partner tosses and turns...not good.  Of course, worrying made the list.  If you get too hot or too cold, stress at work, and if you know you have to wake up early also came into play.  The bed being uncomfortable, noise, the kids waking you and body aches rounded out the top 10.

The survey also determined that many couples go to bed at different times.  Seventy five percent said they went to bed at different times at least four nights a week because of shopping online, playing games on the computer or taking care of the kids.

[Via:  Daily Mail]

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