After a six-hour lockdown on Monday prompted by online threats against students and faculty, a new threat has the Lafayette Parish School System and Lafayette Police increasing law enforcement presence at Lafayette High School.

LPSS announced Monday night that a second threat against LHS was discovered and that the school system and local police would be working together to monitor the situation on the ground.

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"The Lafayette Parish School System has been made aware that a second threat is circulating on social media directed toward individual students and staff on the Lafayette High School campus," LPSS announced in a statement. "We are working with law enforcement to actively investigate the source of these threats. School will resume tomorrow with additional law enforcement and administrative staff on campus. All students will undergo metal detection and wanding."

"It has not been confirmed that today’s arrests on campus are related to these social media threats," the statement concluded

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Monday's lockdown started as a shelter-in-place after an online threat was made against students, staff, and the online poster's own family. During law enforcement's initial investigation, an anonymous call to 911 told law enforcement that a student was on campus with a gun, prompting a hard lockdown and a thorough sweep of the campus.

When no student with a gun was discovered, police found who had originally made the 911 call, and that student was arrested for terrorizing. A second arrest was made when someone attempted to enter the campus while it was on lockdown.

Sr. Cpl. Matthew Benoit said in a statement that students need to understand the impact of these threats.

Kids need to understand how serious these situations are. “Terrorizing” is a felony charge, it’s no joke. The police department pulls lots of resources and man power in incidents like this, that’s not something to take lightly. Students need to understand that you can be expelled from school along with arrested for making social media post and statements like this. That’s not just a burden on the student, but it creates issues and unneeded stress for the parents as well. Students who make a decision to post/say things like need to realize this can affect your life and change the path of your high school career, which can ultimately affect your future.

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