Coach Sean Payton of the New Orleans Saints had an end-of-season conference call with the media as the team closes the book on another season that concluded with a playoff loss. Coach Payton spoke on the future of the team, the quarterback position, and filling the coaching staff.

Right off the bat, Coach Payton acknowledged the unique circumstances that came along with this NFL season. COVID-19 protocols placed upon all teams in the league added a new challenge for everyone involved, and Payton was very happy with the way his team dealt with the adversity.

Coach Payton also looks forward to getting fans back in the Superdome, as being without the #WhoDatNation was a major blow to the team's home-game energy.

Check out the Twitter post with the details from this conversation via @nick_underhill on Twitter.

The head coach of the Saints talked about the off-season heading into 2021, as mapping out their calendar has been a bit of a challenge with COVID-19 leaving uncertainty around important events that will fall between now and next pre-season.

Coach also spoke to the struggle that rookie's faced in the 2020 season, as no rookie-camp was held in person across the league. This made it difficult for the transition of players coming in from the college level into the NFL. Nevertheless, many rookies became impact players for the Saints this season and Coach Payton is preparing for a potential similar situation with his rookies heading into the 2021 season.

Payton was asked about salary-cap issues and if the team's current cap will preclude the Saints from bringing back guys they like. Coach was open about his uncertainty with the current salary-cap issues, but is confident that the organization always finds a way to get the best players possible on the roster.

Of course, the Quarterback conversation is one that all Saints fans are curious about. Payton opened up with the below message from @nick_underhill on Twitter.

Coach Payton made it clear that the Quarterback position is of vital importance and is happy with what he has seen from James Winston and Taysom Hill.

The head coach of the Saints was also asked about the social media post from Brittany Brees that detailed how her husband, Drew Brees, was playing through more injuries than was publicly known. Coach Payton reflected on the toughness of Brees and just so much he has pushed through to try to help his team win. Payton says that Brees' toughness, grit, and determination is what makes him one of the best players of all time as well as one of the best teammates.

While many believe that Drew Brees has played his last snap as an NFL Quarterback, his official decision has not been made yet. Coach Payton was asked about the process this off-season if they do have to find a replacement for the quarterback position. His answer was that he is confident in the process the organization has in place, as they will first work to replace the coaches that they have lost. From there, the Saints will evaluate their current roster and after that, will explore outside options as far as what players can make their team better.

You can check out the full conference call from Sean Payton and the media by clicking HERE.

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