LAFAYETTE PARISH, La. (KPEL News) - With Acadiana High traveling to Carencro for a playoff matchup in high school football, two local fire chiefs from both communities have agreed to a friendly wager.

Scott fire chief Chad Sonnier and Carencro chief David Mouton will be watching under the Friday night lights as the Rams and the Bears take each other on for the second time this year, but the winner will determine the loser's wardrobe for the next week.

Scott Fire Department Truck
(Photo Courtesy of KATC)

If Carencro wins, Sonnier will have to wear a Carencro Fire Department shirt for the next week. If Acadiana wins, Mouton will have to Scott Fire Department shirt for the same amount of time.

The two chiefs have also agreed that the losing department will donate 50 fire detectors to the winning department, with those fire detectors to be installed in the winning chief's city.

"As well as bragging rights, this friendly wager will enhance the safety of citizens," Sonnier said in a statement.

Credit: Carencro Website
Credit: Carencro Website

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