There are no more Saintsations in New Orleans.

The Saints organization announced today that they will move on from the "Saintsations" brand and now be known by a more "inclusive" name."

If you're wondering what the cheer team for the Saints will be called, well it is right to the point, and they will now be referred to as the "Saints Cheer Krewe."

According to the Tweet from the Saints fans helped come up with the new name for the team and it will still include some of the region’s best dancers, cheerleaders, and stunters!

Los Angeles Rams v New Orleans Saints
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If you recall, in recent years the "Saintsations" welcomed male participants for the first time and now they wish to be identified as a more inclusive style team.

You will still see the cheer team at Saints games and at various events, but no more will they be referred to as the iconic "Saintsations."

Here's the official announcement from the New Orleans Saints regarding its very own cheer team.

Check out some of the reactions from members of the Who Dat Nation. And yes, many are not very happy with this new name or brand.

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