According to KLFY TV10, Rodizio Grill has closed its doors for good.

Rodizio Grill, according to its Facebook page, is (was?) an authentic Brazilian Steakhouse, and was rated at 4.5 out of 5 by Facebook users.

Rodizio Grill is an authentic Brazilian Steakhouse, the original in the United States.- Rodizio Grill, Facebook

According to the story, a manager confirmed that the restaurant closed its doors as of 3pm today.

If you have an unused gift card for Rodizio, you may be in luck! There's a Rodizio Grill in Pensacola. And one in Dallas. Road trip to the location of your choice and then eat enough meat to pay for your gas!

Just kidding about the eating enough to pay for your gas part, but, for real, the Lafayette location has closed.


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