I know that the box says "flushable" and, technically, that label is correct: the wipes can be flushed but, in reality, they really shouldn't be flushed.

Remember a few months ago when people got mad at me because I am against balloon releases? It was a difficult post to write, because these people honestly believe that the messages they write and put into the balloon actually go to their deceased loved ones in heaven. Well, someone messaged me and said "it's okay to do the balloon release, because environmentally-friendly balloons were used". Well, I did some research on the so-called "environmentally-friendly" balloons, and I found out who labeled them "environmentally-friendly": it was the balloon company. They labeled their own product "environmentally-friendly", because, as they claim, the balloons are biodegradable. I found out that, in as little as 6 months and if conditions are perfect, one of those balloons can bio-degrade. If conditions are not perfect, it could take up to 4 years for the balloon to break down (I guess that if a turtle eats a green balloon because it looked like a leaf, 6 months isn't too long to wait to be able to breathe, right?).

Anyway, this post is about something else that is labeled legally, though the label isn't exactly correct. Yes, the wipes are flushable, which means that you can successfully flush them and they may travel through your pipes into the sewer system. It's when they get to the sewer treatment facility that they cause a problem.

Youngsville flushables
Youngsville flushables

In this month's utility bill from the City of Youngsville, the above flyer was included in the envelope, with an explanation of what happens when you flush wipes, paper towels, mop refills, etc: they get stuck in the sewer pumps. When the sewer pumps get clogged, they overheat to the point of being ruined (and needing to be replaced), ultimately costing the city money which, in the long run, makes our utility bills go up.

So, to keep YOUR utility bills down (and to protect yourself from needing to call a plumber if you happen to flush anything that gets stuck in YOUR pipes), remember that flushing anything other than toilet tissue is a bad idea.


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