UPDATE: After posting this story, it came to my attention that the balloons used in the release today were bio-degradable and environmentally friendly!!

Facebook/Dana Baker
Facebook/Dana Baker

DISCLAIMER: I know that my opinion on this subject will probably not be a popular one, but I am compelled to express my views, as it is a subject for which I feel strongly.

I saw the following video posted to Facebook today featuring a balloon release at Parc International, and it prompted me to bring up a video that I posted on the subject last year.

The above video was posted by my friend Bridget, but she merely posted the video; I am guessing that it probably wasn't her idea to have a balloon release, so this post is not directed at her. It is, though, directed at anyone who organizes these types of fundraisers, as is this message: stop polluting Acadiana.

I am guessing that it is time for me to post my "What Bugs Me" video again, covering the topic of balloon releases.

No, your balloon does not go to heaven. It gets to our trees, yards, fields, bayous and rivers.  Balloon releases are organized litter fests, so let's reconsider them, ok?

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