This morning, December 4th, Ray Boudreaux who was eliminated from the top 8 on NBC's The Voice last week, appeared on the air with CJ and Debbie Ray where he answered CJ's Big Question live!

First off, let me say, I've only met "T-Ray" a couple of times, however, being in this business as long as I have, I've become a pretty good judge of character.  This guy is the real deal.  Talented, humble, nice, polite and proud to be Cajun.

Like the rest of Acadiana, when he was eliminated from The Voice last week, I was disappointed, to say the least.  Especially since I had told his Mom that her son could very well take the competition this season.

As I stated on the air this morning, I would have chosen different songs for Ray.  Songs that supported his musical roots and spotlighted his sex appeal with females who tend to vote more than males.

Ray Boudreaux

But that's all water under the bridge now.  Ray is back in Carencro today and just happy to be home.  His schedule for The Voice was grueling.  So what's next for our native son?

Well, like many from this neck of the woods, it sure would be nice for our "T-Ray" to become as popular as R. J. Mittie or Hunter Hayes.  He certainly has the talent.  I am reminded how many times the contestants who don't win these music talent shows, become bigger stars than those who do.

Many of you have contacted KTDY about the Big Question that I promised to ask Ray Boudreaux this morning.  Some of you missed it.  For those of you who missed it, allow me to set it up.  I got my hands on a couple of "Go To The Front Of The Line" passes for America's Got Talent making a stop in Houston in January.  I offered Ray one of these one in a million passes.  That means, if 80,000 people show up for auditions in Houston, with one of these passes, you go to the front of the line and audition for the judges.

Ray respectfully declined my offer after explaining on the air that he would still be under contract with The Voice when it came to television appearances.

Ray Boudreaux
Staff Photo


Ray Boudreaux will perform for a special Downtown Alive, tomorrow, Thursday, December, 5th.  DTA activities start at 5:30PM with music starting at approximately 6:00PM.  Ray will have several special guests with him for his DTA homecoming.  One of his guests will be the incomparable Roddie Romero.  Don't miss this one!


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