I ran across a Youtube video today that showed that there is a common mindset when it comes to politics, happiness and freedom in the United States.

I had an early morning, this first day of my vacation:  I helped Shannon make it to KATC TV3 by 6:45 (she is not a morning person, so it's similar to getting a teenager up and at'em for school, I suppose).

After the interview we stopped at Mel's for breakfast (#3 with bacon, hash browns and toast, btw).

Now, what do the events of my morning have to do with the video below?  Nothing.  I was just telling you what I did this morning.

When we got home, I was cruising through Facebook and came upon this video, created by a man named Luke Rudkowski (founder of wearechange.org).  Reading through the website, it seems like the organization is dedicated to finding the truth about 9/11 and fights for the rights of the victims.  Some have called him a "9/11 Conspiracy Theorist", but I think that this video speaks volumes.

The video is longer than any other that I've posted on this website, but it kept my full attention for the 12 minutes (probably because of the angle of the story:  I am a "human interest" story buff!).

The interviews of seemingly random people on a New York subway shows me that most people feel the same way about life, government, and freedom.

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