You tend to see some strange things while driving on roads, highways, or interstates. It could be a crazy billboard, an off-the-wall bumper sticker, or even a weird roadside attraction. You never know what you're going to cruise by.

A New Hampshire woman can attest to that after she drove by a garbage truck driving with a raccoon hanging off the back of it.

The raccoon, which I am affectionately calling a trash panda, was apparently on the back of the truck for nearly 9 hours, according to the garbage truck driver. It seems to be a classic case of "don't leave the table until you finish your food", to which I relate.

Here's a video of the raccoon going on an unexpected journey:

Now, although this is funny at first glance, I can't help but be worried for the little guy. Imagine hanging off the back of a truck on a little ladder for that long. The little arms must be tired. Also, why didn't the garbage truck driver pull over and help him down? Many of the comments express their concern on this video.

I hope the adventurous trash panda landed safely somewhere on solid ground and learns his lesson of this unfortunate example of gluttony gone wrong.

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