Things are just different right now.

Not only have we been dealing with a pandemic for the past year, but we're also smack dab in the middle of what should be Mardi Gras and instead we are indoors while a winter storm is sweeping through south Louisiana.

And I'm not talking that quick freeze that we get once or twice a "winter" here in the deep south, I'm talking the type of weather that has our low temperatures lower than Anchorage, AK tonight.

So why not throw another weird thing in the mix? How about an albino raccoon?

That's exactly what Jamie Carriere spotted walking along the snowy banks of the bayou. First of all, snow on the bayou is still a hard sight to process, but now we've got a whole majestic albino raccoon to digest as well.

There's a video in the comments if you want to dig into Jamie's Facebook thread, but the odds of seeing one of these albino treasures is a 1 out of 750,000.

Can it get weirder? Only time will tell, but in the meantime, share this one. I can promise you your friends have never seen anything like it.

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