Ok, Acadiana, I have a new food truck you need to try. For some reason, a good food truck can just make a bad day a good one. QDog is a mobile food business in Erath located at The Grub Lot at 126 Old Railroad Road. Owner, Quinten Adcock, describes the food as an infusion of classic American with a Cajun flare.

They’re biggest seller is their hamburgers. You can get a good ol’ American burger, or step out of the box and try the Beignet Burger. Yes, you read that correctly. The Beignet Burger is a 1/3 lb hamburger patty with Colby Jack cheese, smokey bacon, strawberry preserve sitting between beignets and topped with powdered sugar.

The Original QDog is a steamed 2 oz Nathan’s Famous Beef Frank on a fresh steamed bun. Add diced onions, cheese, ketchup, mustard, or sweet relish. You can order with or without homemade chili.

Adcock, said when they were putting together the menu, he was bouncing ideas off his food rep. He told her he wanted a corn dog, but not the gas station kind. He told her he wanted it big and she asked him if he meant big, like the 12 inch carnival king of corn dogs. His response was, “YESSSS!!!” The menu describes the corn dog as, "big enough to use as a bat to take a couple of swings at the plate". Yes, it’s just a corn dog. But, here’s what Adcock has to say about that.

A customer called me legit crying about her corn dog & how good it was. At this point, I’m like ok, it’s a corn dog. Simple simple. Her excitement brought her to a story about bringing her kids to a festival & at the end of their day, they finished it with a 12in corn dog. At some point, they stopped serving it & their tradition died. She explained that from her 1st bite, it brought back that happy time in her life. As I listened & scratched my head, it put things in prospective. We’re learning & improving to give our customers the best we can. We want to be good at all things; even the simple things. As simple as they are to us, they can mean something far from simple to others. We owe them our best. We aren’t just serving food. To some, we’re also serving memories. Simple or not, be the best you can be at it. - Quinten Adcock

Boudin Quesadilla is boudin and pepper jack cheese melted in a grilled flour tortilla and topped with a pepper jelly syrup. Doesn't that sound delicous? You gotta appreciate that creativity.

QDog Café Facebook
QDog Café Facebook

They have a wedge salad that supposedly is out of this world. This is probably the first thing I want to try when I go. They said the salad started out as a weekly special and customers asked (some by way of death threats, jokingly) to put it on the regular menu. It’s a lettuce wedge topped with blue cheese, bacon, and praline pecans with ranch dressing and balsamic vinegar. Ok, my mouth is watering now.

I asked Adcock what inspired him to do a food truck and he said it all started with food pics from home. He loves to cook and when he would make a dish, he would take a pic of it and post it on his personal social media page. The name QDog originated from when he was DJ’ing about 34 years ago. So when he would post the pic of his food, he would put the location as 'QDog Café' for fun. Adcock said he spent 20 years in law enforcement, did oil field sales, radio sales, and is currently a licensed insurance agent. He says through it all, his passion was always cooking. When the pandemic hit, he started culinary school with a nudge from his wife. The food truck was a way to generate money while working in the food business.  He said it’s the beginning of a 20-year dream.

I don’t know if this will be the stopping point of the dream or it’ll spawn into something different. But for now, I love meeting new people and seeing their reaction to what we’re cooking. – Quinten Adcock

Y’all go give it a try. It sounds super delicious. I plan to head there for one of those wedge salads soon.

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