Abbeville has had a food truck moratorium for some time but all that changed today.

The Abbeville City Council voted to lift the food truck moratorium.

So now Abbeville may soon see more food trucks in the area.

This change not only benefits the food truck owners but also benefits the citizens of Abbeville.

Abbeville Mayor Roslyn White said, “Now things are getting more relaxed and our restaurants are getting more business and we feel like they had an opportunity to recover. We thought it was important to allow new opportunities in Abbeville and kind of share the wealth.”


Mayor White added, “we just lifted our moratorium so our existing ordinance is now in place which allows up to five food trucks in Abbeville. They have to be permitted through our office. They can’t operate within a certain distance of an existing restaurant.”

By lifting this moratorium there is hope that new food trucks will start to operate and then hopefully those will turn into brick-and-mortar restaurants in the Abbeville area.

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It is important to note that food trucks that want to operate within the city limits of Abbeville must be registered and permitted through the Mayor's office.

If you are wanting to get information about the city ordinance you can visit the Mayor’s office website or go to city hall at 101 North State Street.

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