The label says pumpkin, but how much pumpkin is really in what you're eating?  Better check the label!

As we head into fall, you'll see real pumpkins everywhere, the grocery store, the produce market, even in fall displays indoors and out.  You'll also start to see pumpkin coffees, muffins, pies, etc.  But you'll be very surprised just how much pumpkin actually appears in many items labeled as such.

It may tastes like pumpkin, but many companies are taking you for a chemical-laced pumpkin patch ride.

Real pumpkin has been known to boost your immune system, aid in weight loss, and may even have cancer resistant properties.  Chances are if you eat something that says 'pumpkin' on the label these days, it may may not be healthy at all.

[Via:  Huffington Post]

Is It Pumpkin Or Chemicals To Taste Like Pumpkin

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