For those of us who thought things might look a little more normal in 2021, that hope is quickly fading. And if you live in Louisiana you know that making plans for Carnival season don't happen at the last second. They take months and months of planning, and lots of time to make sure the parades and especially the balls go forward without any problems.

The coronavirus pandemic has taken a toll on some of our most unique Louisiana traditions, and earlier this week we were dismayed to hear the news that no Mardi Gras parades would be allowed to roll in New Orleans in 2021. We understand why, it's just going to take us a minute to get used to it.

Today, some similar news comes out of our capital city. Baton Rouge's popular Spanish Town parade is always a highlight of Carnival season, but krewe officials are saying the fate of the parade is still up in the air. It is scheduled to roll on February 13th, and although officials have not made a decision on the parade yet, organizers have canceled the annual ball.  TV station WAFB in Baton Rouge confirmed the cancellation with president of the krewe Robert King.

Currently, guidelines from the Louisiana Office of State Fire Marshal state that only 250 people would be able to attend the ball, with social distance restrictions in place for tables, and alcohol service stopping at 11:00 PM. Governor John Bel Edwards will give an update on the coronavirus pandemic in the state this afternoon at a 2:30 press conference, so who knows if those restrictions will be enhanced. Y'all be careful out there.



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