A Redditor, working on a podcast featuring Louisiana crimes, is looking for information about South Louisiana cold cases.

The podcaster, /u/josechung96, posted on Reddit, asking for any information about cold cases in this area.

I'm working on a podcast and I'm looking for Louisiana cold cases.

As my title suggests, I'm currently working on a podcast featuring strictly Louisiana based crimes and I'm looking for cold cases. I have several that I plan on covering in Northern and Central Louisiana but I'm looking to expand my case coverage to Acadiana/Southern Louisiana as well and I have found far less online about cases in this area. I'm opened to any cold cases with victims in Louisiana but would really like more info on cases in Southern Louisiana. Thank you so much for your time! - reddit.com/u/josechung96

One of the responses was from someone who, like most of us, would love to know the person or persons responsible for the Jennings 9 (Jeff Davis 8) murders.

Cold cases, and the programs that highlight them, fascinate me. Most of them have loads of evidence, save for the one piece that ties the rest of the clues together.  I know that I do not stand alone in my fascination: just mention JonBenet Ramsey, Elizabeth Short, Bob Crane, Tupak or Hoffa to most anyone and they will light up with a theory, or at least an interest in discussing.

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