I came across this story in People about Sonic adding Pickle Slushes to their menu.

Before we get to the palatability of pickles (yum!) and pickle juice (not!), let's look at the health benefits of pickles and pickle juice. According to Healthline, pickles are loaded with probiotics which are the good bacteria in your system. There are also natural antioxidants (which fight against free radicals) and studies are pointing to the possibility of some pickles helping with spleen cancer.

Some of the downsides of pickles, according to Healthline, include a higher risk of stomach cancer (due to the high salt content) and high blood pressure (due to the sodium, as well).

There are pickle-flavored foods like potato chips, candy canes, mints, popsicles, sunflower seeds, salt and even pickle-flavored popcorn.

Now, with that being said, what are your thoughts on putting pickle flavoring in drinks? My in-laws can drink the pickle juice straight from the jar. I cannot bring myself to do that. Pickles on a burger? Yum! pickles in a salad? Sure! Fried pickles? Yes, please! Pickle juice, on ice? No thanks.

What are your taste buds telling you, yum or yuck?



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