Earlier this week, an attorney for one of the three officers involved in shooting Trayford Pellerin, filed for a temporary restraining order to halt release of the body camera footage to the parents of Pellerin.

On the night of August 21, a young woman was recording a video of a man refusing to obey the commands of several Lafayette Police officers. In a statement from the Lafayette Police Department, it was said the man, Pellerin, had a knife. Pellerin was shot when he did not comply with officer's commands.

Today, attorneys representing Trayford's parents, Cedrick and Michelle Pellerin, have filed a response to the judge's issuance of the temporary restraining order barring the release of body camera footage and also barring the release of the identity of the three officers.

The following is a copy of the document asking for an intervention in the matter of the TRO:

The funeral for Trayford Pellerin was held yesterday afternoon at Philadelphia Christian Church.

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