Lafayette Mayor-President Josh Guillory wanted to release the bodycam footage of the shooting of Trayford Pellerin to the man's family, but a temporary restraining order granted by a judge will prevent that from happening.

Lawyers for the officers involved in the shooting on August 21st, asked a district judge for a restraining order that was granted yesterday.

Louisiana State Police is still investigating the shooting of Pellerin, and when he met with the man's family last week he offered to show the footage to them. That is not going to happen now as the officer's attorneys argued successfully that this information should be released until LSP and the administration have completed their investigations.

Three officers, who have not been identified, have each sought representation from an attornies Brett Grayson, Allyson Prejean, and Jordan Precht.

On Tuesday night, the Current noted that in a press release from the attorneys for the Pellerin family, they expressed that they are "profoundly disappointed" that they will not be getting to see the footage at this time.

The next step in the process is for the issue to be heard before a judge in the 15th Judicial District on September 20.

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