A man in New Orleans, Louisiana is recovering from gunshot wounds after he attempted to carjack someone.

WVUE reports that 23-year-old Johnathan Edwards attempted to carjack an adult male early Friday morning and that's when shots were fired.

However, it was not the suspect firing the gun, this time it came from the would-be victim of this crime.

Edwards was hit many times by the victim's shots and according to NOPD, the man who was shot is being treated in a local hospital.

Police Vehicle
Photo courtesy of Michael Fortsch-y5lav9iec_g-unsplash-4

The shooting occurred when Edwards allegedly pulled on the victim's car door handle and instructed him to get out.

The victim in this case will not be charged in the shooting, but as for Edwards, when he is released from the hospital he will be charged with one count of attempted first-degree robbery.

To read more, visit WVUE. 


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